Quality Assurance

A business is only as successful as the quality of its staff.

Athena has worked in call centres throughout the UK and Ireland; our team implement short-term controls which see instant quality improvement on calls, whilst developing strategic plans for continuous improvement.

The standard and quality of any call to a customer is paramount in making any business successful. It is always valuable to hear a customers "thank you" for the service they have received, but can it really be said that the Agent maximised the potential of the call?

Do you have Agents that continue to exceed their targets each month?

How sure are you that the quality of the call meet expected standards?

Athena will "Benchmark" calls to a level acceptable to the companies principles, vision and business needs.

We can design and set the scoring within an Assessment Form and points will be weighted in line with priorities on the call.

Athena will also ensure that the relevant staff are fully trained to assess calls and also capable in communicating effective feedback to Agents.

We can design and implement a bespoke product just for you

From the assessments conducted during this process, the information provided can be utilised to strengthen the business further in many areas.

  • 121's – Use the assessments to form part of your Agents 121's each week/month.
  • Consequences – Where Agents consistently fail their assessments, consequences should be enforced.
  • Compliance Breach – Where compliance has been breached on a call and has been recognised on an assessment, it is essential that this is fed back to the Agent and documented as evidence and filed.
  • Group Call Evaluating – Allow teams to challenge each others calls, what worked well, what could be improved.
  • Induction Training – Enable new staff to have an insight into what a call sounds like.
  • MI – Build up dashboards for each department to recognise which teams are performing well and introduce team competition.
  • Rewards – Reward staff that achieve consistently high assessment scores.
  • Training Tool – Good calls can be used to develop others Agents who are struggling with their calls in certain areas.
  • Training & Development – Agents to listen to their own calls with a Trainer to help with development.

What next?