Call Guides

At Athena we recognise that making that first Operational Call in your new role can be daunting. There is so much to remember. What you can and can't say, whilst also ensuring you remain Complaint.

Why is it that some Agents making "Operational Calls" hit the ground running when they go live for the first time? We all learn and retain information in different ways and at different levels.

This is why it is vitally important for all Telephony Agents to have a Call Guide as a tool to support them when making not only the first call, but all "Operational Calls".

A conversation should always sound natural and not robotic. Our guides are just that, a guide. It will focus Agents with the structure of their calls ensuring maximum outcome potential whilst focusing Agents to remain compliant.

Introducing a "Call Guide" has seen vast improvements within other Call Centres:

  • Improved payment plan fail rates
  • Decreased instances of Compliance breaches
  • Increase in instant card payments obtained on calls
  • Developed Agents negotiation skills
  • Collection calls were conducted in a timely and efficient manner
  • Identify vulnerable customers and implementing the correct controls

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