Our health check gets to the heart of the matter so your business can go from strength-to-strength.

Do you think your company has more to give? Athena's three stage health check will ensure your credit and collection functions are in peak condition.

We explore every aspect of your business functions to identify the cause of any problems and help you find long-term remedies so your business can flourish.

Athena health checks are a means to identify areas to improve on, highlighting risks and ways to maximise profit to your business.

Our consultants come from across the industry and all have a excellent understanding of the challenges that face the market today from (i) Cost & Efficiency (ii) Higher Losses (iii) Regulatory Change (iv) Competitor Volumes.

Athena put at your disposal experience that spans the entire Risk and Collections lifecycle. We enable companies to solve challenges allowing them to unlock further business potential without having to build large internal teams at high financial cost.

The process to a healthier company…

Onsite meetings

Our experts will arrive onsite and review your functions capability:

  • Provide matched SMEs
  • International availability
  • Process shadowing
  • Technical challenge


We will produce a report giving your functional areas a status score in areas such as:

  • Departmental structures
  • Staff skill sets
  • Portfolio review
  • Governance
  • Strategy
  • Data & reporting

Onsite presentations

We will present our findings and recommendations to you:

  • Transparent summary
  • Clearly explained findings
  • Impact assessments