Big or small, Athena Consultancy can help you optimise your business model to ensure the best return for its Members and Management.

We offer a number of services to support Credit Unions at a level which is right for them. As specialists in Credit Risk Management we have dedicated practitioners available now who have actual experience working on this type of business model, where lending has built up within its membership without the automated solutions that Banks use.

We understand that the Unions must manage Risk and run their Operations with the balance of absolute professionalism and rigor but with an eye on being right at the heart of the community. However, in order to survive the current financial difficulties across Europe and weather all the regulatory change coming to bear on all financial institutions, all areas of business now need to be revisited in order to extract the maximum opportunities available in support of sustainable interest rates for saving and borrowing within the Union.

Perhaps it isn't possible to invest in additional staff or expertise on a permanent basis, very often there is a short-term need for expertise to enable a project or goal to be delivered for a specific period without having to make long-term commitments to cost, we can help here with the right specialists and their knowledge.

So if it's time for tighter lending criteria, expanding lending scale, managing the most from what you already have or just knowing it's time for change and there is more to give then why not give us a call on +44 (0)1732 447920 or email Mark Murton, CEO of Athena Consultancy, for an informal chat. We will put an expert at your disposal that is able to discuss any of the following areas:

Lending & Risk Management

  • New lending campaigns for Usecured, Secured & Commercial.
  • Affordability Calculation
  • Scoring & Segmentation
  • Use of 3rd Party Data
  • Single customer view of exposure
  • Refinance & Top Ups
  • Impairment & Loss Forecasting

Regulatory Compliance

  • Contact limitations
  • Unsecured v Secured Lending
  • Restructuring & tracking
  • Internal & External Reporting
  • Policy & Process Manuals
  • 3rd Party Use

Data & Management Information

  • Credit Risk & Decisioning Data Models
  • Collections Strategy & Collections Operations Models tracking
  • Portfolio Asset Quality Reporting
  • Exceptions Reporting
  • Compliance & Compliance Reporting

Collections Strategy

  • High Risk/Early Delinquency
  • Post Default Internal Recovery
  • Restructure & Rehabilitation
  • PIA & Insolvency
  • 3rd Party Recovery Strategy (DCA/Doorstep/Legal)


  • Structure & Resource/Interim Management
  • Training & Induction
  • Negotiation & Call Handling
  • KPI's & Performance Targets
  • Large Exposure & Commercial Handling

Systems & Credit Infrastructure

  • Collections Systems
  • Dialler/SMS/Letter/Email/3rd Party Pacement Automations
  • Automated decisioning/Lending platforms