They say 'Wisdom comes with age', unfortunately they also say 'Time and tide waits for no man' and never has the latter been so true as in the business world today. Athena Consultancy provides the wisdom to maximise opportunity, understand your risks and the ability to solve your problems through strategic transformation. We can start now.

Risks and opportunities come in many forms; making sense of them is paramount in this very competitive and challenging environment. We offer you a team of industry practitioners who can listen, absorb and give trustworthy advice across the Risk and Risk Operations lifecycles.

Athena will help you understand your position within the industry, allow you to accelerate your understanding, and more importantly, deploy appropriately to the maturity of your business. We offer the means to take the pulse of your organisation and identify ways to maximise profit without compromising control. At Athena, we understand that companies need to target initiatives that bring tangible return on investment in the short and near term, in order to stay ahead of the competition while steering through tricky regulatory waters.

Here are just some of the services we can offer you to help transform your business:

Strategy Design and Optimisation:

  • Acquisition & New Business Underwriting
  • Customer Management & Behavioural Intelligence
  • Collections and Debt Recovery
  • Fraud Management
  • Due Diligence & Portfolio Pricing
  • Impairment and Financial Loss Management

Other key areas:

  • Data Warehouse & Data Management
  • Intelligent Management Information
  • Risk Tools and Infrastructure
  • Innovation in Operational Deployment
  • Understanding Risk Concentration
  • Organisation and Structure
  • Training and Education
  • Project Support & Management

"Every Athena consultant brought with them a unique and vital skill set developed in blue-chip companies. As a team they cohere with a vast wealth of experience to draw upon, giving them the confidence to act rapidly, precisely and dependably."

Mark Bailey, CEO of Empingham Ltd