The word "analytics" is used a lot in business today. We at Athena like to keep things clear and simple so, to cut the jargon, we reached for the dictionary. Analyse (verb) to study or examine something in detail, in order to discover more about it. With our technical and business expertise, we will analyse and bring clarity to your business challenge

Making analytics based decisions on customer risk and credit in order to support your company's goals on sustained growth and customer experience can be key to staying ahead of the pack.

In the crowded lending and credit management marketplace, companies who utilise their data assets to improve customer decisions have a real competitive advantage. Analytics techniques such as segmentation, scoring, and forecasting, unleash the power of customer data. This power can be harnessed by operationalising analytical insight through automated decisioning processes.

Some of our services include:

  • New business scorecards
  • Behavioural scoring
  • Collections and Propensity to Pay scorecards
  • Niche scores including Propensity to Contact, Insolvency Propensity, Propensity to Enforce and Affordability
  • Portfolio Analytics
    • Forecasting
    • Cut-off setting
    • Pricing
  • Analytics health check, value realisation and roadmap execution